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Lexeco Estate – Yazzie & Adam

Yazzie, 29 – an Assistant Producer in TV, and Adam, 31 – Vehicle Operations Manager at Jaguar Land Rover we married in September 2019 at a beautiful Church in Larnaca, followed by their reception at the magnificent Lexeco Estate, and Lee Stuart Photography were given the honour of capturing their day, creating beautiful memories forever for them.  See their amazing journey below:

The run up, the early days, how did you meet, how long have you been a couple?

We met in a nightclub when I (Yaz) was 19 and Adam was 21. I saw Adam standing on his own and he looked lonely, so I went over to keep him company. I knew a few of his friends that night, but had never met Adam before and thought he was really fit!

The next day I got a friend request on Facebook, it just so happened to be Mr Adam Nicolaou (the same surname as mine!)

We remained friends for another two years as I lived away from home at Uni and Adam was enjoying his single life!

Two weeks after moving home from Uni, we met up and Adam took me on a romantic date, to watch Magic Mike and Nandos! Lets just say I was more interested in Channing Tatum!

We have now been together over 7 years and it has flown by, we are food buddies, nap buddies, travel buddies, best buddies and now forever buddies!

Who proposed to who and where, was it a surprise?

Adam proposed to me in my favourite place in the world – Disneyworld! He proposed as the fireworks were going off over the castle to one of my fave Disney songs – that happened to be a coincidence! (At last I see the light – Tangled)

We got engaged after 5 years of being together, so the timing was perfect for us.

Describe your dress:

My dress was a blush sweetheart neckline with an a-line hanker chief skirt. I added the straps after to make the dress more me and more romantic. The corset had lace and was covered in rustic jewellery. It was so comfy and I could dance the night away in it! My veil was handmade by savethedate, it was blush with flowers and diamontes all over it, it was so me! I wish I could wear it everyday!

I also wore the comfiest wedding shoes ever! People thought I was joking when I put them on, but I wasn’t! I loved them so much, they were from a shop called Irregular choice.

What did the groom wear?

Adam wore a custom made, mohair 3 piece navy suit. He wore a bamboo waistcoat with mother of pearl buttons. He finished it off with a claret red tie, with a golden tie-pin.

Location of wedding & reception:

The ceremony took place at my late grandparents Church in Larnaca, and one of our favourite parts of the day was walking to the Church from Yaz’s family house in Cyprus. We had a traditional violin player lead the way, while Adam and his groomsmen were behind, and Yaz and the Bridal party were behind them.

Adam wasn’t allowed to turn around until we got to the church!

The priest that married us knew my grandparents, so it meant a lot that we got married there, so we could feel like they were there on the day.

After the ceremony Yazzie & Adam left the church to a HUGE confetti storm!

The Wedding Reception Venue, How and why did you choose it?

The wedding reception was Lexeko Estate in Lythodrondas – it speaks for itself and it was out easiest decision our of the whole wedding. It was the first venue we went and looked at. We only went and saw one other after and straight away we new Lexeko was the one.

Our other favourite part  of the day was after the ceremony, we drove up to the venue on our own in Adams late Grandads’ car. It gave us time on our own before the craziness began and we felt like his Grandad was with us. We have some beautiful photos of this!

We chose it, because it felt like you were living a fairytale when you were there. The drive up to the venue itself is so picturesque. We want it to feel like we had privacy, which we sure did. There were animals everywhere, including black swans!

For arrival drinks we had our guests go up to the rose garden – Which is a balcony that overlooks the lake and the venue. While they were there we had a harpist who sounded so beautiful and romantic.

Yazzie & Adam made the most amazing grand entrance into their evening reception ready to get the party started!

Describe your cake:

Our cake was a complete surprise! My sister is a baker and I told her to do her whatever she wants, I knew she wouldn’t disappoint. It was two separate cakes that were joined together by a rainbow. I love bright colours so it was so perfect. The flavours were Rose, Carrot, Chocolate & Vanilla.

What was your first dance?

Our first dance was a remix of Justin Timberlakes “My Love.” We started off with the slow version so you can really hear the words he is singing “this ring here represents my heart.” After, it sped up to the faster version and we got everyone to join us on the dance floor to start the party!

It was the perfect venue for us and we will be forever grateful for the fact we were able to get married at such a beautiful venue. Our guests haven’t stopped talking about it and said it’s the most beautiful wedding they’ve been to and they felt like they were in a fairytale!

Did anything not go according to plan on the day?

Well – My dress caught fire on one of the floor sparklers as we did our entrance! Now I have a massive burn hole on my dress, but I laugh about it now, it could have only ever happened to me!

and finally from us here at Lee Stuart Photography?  Well what can we say?…. Just that it was the most spectacular day from start to finish, it began with a party, and ended with an even bigger party, and they non-stop partied throughout the day!  Thank you for such an amazing time spent with you all, we have made friends for life and will never forget your special day!

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