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Trash The Dress

Brides put back on their beautiful wedding dress one more time for a photoshoot of them wearing the dress of their dreams in unusual locations. Most popular are beaches, swimming pools, woodland and urban landscapes but if you can think of it, we can shoot it! If there are any specific photographs you require just ask!

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trashing the dress became a thing circa 2001 courtesy of Las Vegas wedding photographer, John Michael Cooper. Cooper may have gotten the idea as early as 1998 when he watched an episode of Sunset Beach, in which Meg Cummings threw a massive tantrum and her bridal self into the ocean after her wedding was interrupted. 

While most may gasp in horror at Trash The Dress Cyprus that carries memories, there’s no denying that a trash the dress photoshoot makes for stunning — and equally memorable — photos. Whether you’re frolicking in the waves or tossing color bombs, trashing the dress creates a bonding experience with your partner captured in a unique way. Not convinced? Let these pictures do the talking.

Trash The Dress Cyprus

trash the dress cyprus

Trash the dress Cyprus is a really popular photoshoot that brides (and grooms) really love. These tend to be the photos that you show off to your friends and family due to the stunning nature of them. Cyprus is a perfect place to do these kind of shoots, because there’s so many options available. From beaches to mountains, urban sprawl to swimming pools – or expansive nature scenes with stunning sunsets. Whatever you can think of, we can shoot it. So when you think Trash The Dress Cyprus think Lee Stuart Photography!

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